Thanks to all our satisfied customers for the after sales correspondence
and we will aim to post what we can

Thanks to you guys at shampooworld
I cant believe how quick my order arrived

J.H Reenie ( Canada)

Dear Joe

I would like to take a minute to congratulate you on being able to provide such and excellent service selling quality products
looking forward to reordering from you guys.

Elite Hair ( W.A)

Dear Shampooworld

As a workaholic that doesn't reall get a chance to leave the office, you have provided me with a enjoyable choice solution
P.S Great Prices

Stella Slaino ( Syd N.S.W )

To Whom it may concern

sure made my job easier recomending you guys to our guests

Concierge (Crown Towers Melbourne)
To Shampooworld and staff

As usual i was a bit reluctant to buy On-line but you really put my worries to bed, excellent products and great service

J.Roberts ( Melbourne )

Dear Joe

To Sum it all up!
Simply the best

A.Adeer ( N.T )


Thanks Joe

For all the answers to different products i requested
The service was great as well as the best products
you've got me hooked

Name Withheld ( Channel 7 )

Dear Shampoo World
Thanks for giving us country folk the chance of having quality products in our homes with the peace of mind you would expect from a truly remarkable business

Sonia ( Rural Victoria )
Thanks Shampoo World

Great Service, great products, will definitly re-order

Svenj ( Oslo )