Micro styling formulas to mold and hold hair
with the unique shine of semi di lino
Heat protective Microcrystalline cream ideal for quick, straight styles with a high gloss effect. The formula featuring Linseed Extract and co-polymers guarantees an immediate anti-frizz effect for soft hair that's never weighed down.

Directions: for straight styling, distribute evenly onto damp hair and proceed with straightening with the blow-dryer. For controlling wavy and curly hair: distribute onto damp hair and dry with diffuser or air-dry.
150 ml
$ 18.37


Sculpting Microcrystalline mousse ideal for creating flexible hold while adding exceptional shine to every type of style. This revolutionary formula unites multi-active polymers that condition and ease brushing, with Panthenol and Linseed Extracts that condition the hair and add brightness.

Directions: distribute through long hair using the hands or with a wide tooth comb. Dry naturally or with hairdryer. To control frizz, apply directly to dry hair.

Available in 250 ml size
250 ml
$ 14.33


Microcrystalline Shaping gel ideal for creating structured short and medium styles with a high gloss finish. The formula featuring Linseed Extract, active polymers and silicones adds body to the hair while maintaining a light wet-look that can be reactivated at any time. Leaves no residues. Alcohol free formula.

Directions: apply to damp hair to shape and add texture; to eliminate frizz, apply directly onto dry hair.
Available in 150 ml size
150 ml
$ 13.47


Microcrystalline hairspray ideal for providing strong hold for all types of styles. Defines and polishes hairstyles with long-lasting hold thanks to special co-polymers that protect the hair against humidity and Linseed Extract that hydrates and adds superior shine. Dries rapidly without leaving residues. Contains UV filters.

Directions: spray onto damp or dry hair at a distance of about 25-30 cm.
Available in 250 ml size
250 ml
$ 15.46


Microcrystalline modeling wax is ideal for defining the details of medium-short length styles while increasing shine. Its multivitamin formula with Linseed Extract gives hair a slightly wet-look while keeping it soft and easy to reshape.

Directions: warm-up the product with your hands for a few moments and apply to dry hair. Work in the product strand by strand or distribute all over the hair for a messy look.
Available in 50 gr size
pot 50 gr
$ 22.06


Microcrystalline Holding Spray is ideal for finishing any type of style. Instantly frezzes styles while adding brightness, for hair with defined results and long-lasting hold. The combination of special silicone polymers and Linseed Extract create a glossy and protective film that wraps around the air to protect it against humidity and frizz, without being heavy. Easily brushes out. Leaves no residues. Contains UV filters.

Directions: spray onto dry or slightly damp hair at a distance of about 25-30 cm. Apply to the scalp for maximum volume.
Available in 300 and 500 ml sizes
300 ml
$ 12.61

500 ml
$ 17.12


Microcrystalline Spray with shine effect, ideal for fine hair. Thanks to the properties of Linseed Extract, rich with Vitamin E with its anti-oxidant effect, it enhances the hair's shine without weighing it down. A light protective film covers the hair and defends it against the effects of humidity, keeping styles soft and natural.

Directions: spray onto the length of dry hair. Proceed with styling as desired.
Available in 125 ml size
125 ml
$ 15.32