This product has replaced the Pearl Shampoo in Australia.

Deep-down cleansing and nourishing for dry or frizzy hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
This innovative formula, rich with Cashmere wool by-products and pearls of Vitamin E, it reinvigorates and protects the hair fiber without weighing it down.
The hair rediscovers both body and vitality with a long-lasting scent.

Directions: apply evenly to wet hair. Massage and lather with warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Available in 250 and 1000 ml sizes

250 ml
$ 18.48
$ 48.51


This product has replaced Luxury Mask in Australia.

Nourishes and revitalizes, making dry or frizzy hair incredibly soft and tangle-free. Cashmere wool by-products and Vitamin E, in the new gel formula, work together to obtain exceptional results without weighing hair down: softening and smoothing the cuticle, reinforcing and protecting the hair fiber.
Hair, pleasing to caress, is restored with luminosity and moves freely

Directions: after using Pearl Shampoo apply one or two coin-size amounts of product onto wet hair.
With a comb, distribute evenly onto the length and ends of hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes. Lather and massage with warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Available in 150 and 500 ml sizes

150 ml
$ 20.79

500 ml
$ 49.66
Split Ends Serum

Coats the hair with an undetectable microfilm of extreme softness.
Smoothes out the imperfections of the hair cuticle, repairing split ends.
Rich in Vitamin E and shielding agents, protects the hair giving it incredible definition and transparency.
Immediately visible results.

Directions: dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand, apply throughout the length and ends of wet or dry hair.

Available in 30 ml size
30 ml
$ 29.45

Sleeking Cream

Hydrating and thermo-protective straightening cream, ideal for creating long-lasting straight styles and increasing the definition of dry or frizzy hair.
Orchid Extracts and Jojoba Oil condition and soften the hair while guaranteeing a long-lasting effect and incomparable shine.
Leaving straight and smooth hair that's incredible soft and free to move.

Directions: distribute evenly throughout the length and ends, proceed with styling.

Available in 150 ml size
150 ml
$ 20.79

Hot-Styling Protector

Protects from the heat of straightening irons while preserving the rediscovered hydro-lipid balance of the hair. The formula featuring Orchid Extracts and Wheat Proteins prevents hair from drying for long-lasting smoothness and shine.

Defined and smooth hair is protected from external agents.

Directions: after using Divine Cream, spray onto dry hair before using the straightening iron. Shake well before use.

Available in 125 ml size
125 ml
$ 24.83

Curl Enhancer

Hydrating sorbet for the hair, ideal for controlling the volume of dry or frizzy hair and to create long-lasting, defined and shiny curls.
This innovative formula, rich with Orchid Extract and Lipid Amino Acids, conditions and softens hair while making it to style and guaranteeing a long-lasting anti-frizz effect.
The hair rediscovers incredible softness and elasticity.

Directions: with the aid of a comb or the palm of your hand, distribute evenly onto wet hair. Dry with a diffuser for a full-bodied effect or air-dry for extra definition.

Available in 150 ml size
150 ml
$ 20.79

Humidity Shield

Protects the definition and the shine of curls while rediscovering the hair's hydro-lipid balance.
Its formula featuring Orchid Extracts and emollient fluids keeps the hair soft and elastic.

Directions: after using Sublime Sorbet, spray onto dry hair.

Available in 125 ml size

125 ml
$ 22.06